Us. The group of expats. Though someone mentioned that there might be an intruder on this list...
If you can find him/her, please contact the author.


Notorious for his amazing salsa skills.
In the future, tourists guides to Brussels night-life might even mention him.

Favorite line: No, but the point is...


Runner-up for the next catalonian elections.
In the meantime, also known as "the one who's always right".

Favorite line: There in my town


Won the hearts of every female restaurant owner we met.
Pretends his english is bad.

Favorite line: You're a very good designer, but even a better person.


The one with "the smile".
The girls in Esperanza still want to get to know him.

Favorite line: I want to ask a question


Feared for his timesheets, loved for his generousity.
The most kind and positive taxi-driver we've ever met.

Favorite line: To be honest, I believe you 100%

Yours truly

What can I say? I'm just clever ;)

Favorite line: I have no clue

What we more or less did

We learned salsa

We went iceskating

We drank beer

We ate oisters

We walked from home to work

We met crazy people

We took the metro

We celebrated Belgiums 175th anniversary

We had italian food

We danced son

We shot pictures

We missed trains

We saw autumn

We built snowdolls

We had chinese food

We squashed

We got reality checks

We had french food

We had a flood

We had dim sum

We met the prince of Burundi

We got food poisoning

We met nice people

We ate reindeer

We went bowling

We had belgium food

We did karaoke

We shared taxis

We saw summer

We shot movies

We drank schnapps

We saw the king

We ate americain

We skipped dinner

We danced merengue

We saw winter

We were attacked by killer geese

We ate portugese food

Facts of the week

  • Swiss need a Visa to go to Senegal
  • It takes 90 minutes to walk from Rue Defacqz to Bvd. du Souverain
  • Le requin chagrin does not exist anymore
  • The killer geese in the park could be Toulouse. They are in fact harmless.
  • Toulouse geese are famous for their foie gras
  • It is prohibited to shoot geese from a park

A word of thanks

This web page would never have existed without the presence of all the people in the project.

Therefore, I would like to specially thank Philip, Badr, Sanije, Sandra, Marie Jo, Tony, Michael, Stephan, Teresa, Francesco , Michel, Daniel, Giorgio, Jie, Marc, Jens, Reiner, Dimitri, Jean-Reginald, Emmanuel, Natalie, Roberto, Philip, Ief, Stijn, Yves, Christophe, Christophe, Christophe, Frederic, Jerome and Tony for the wonderful 7 months I spend in Brussels.

Good luck to you all!

Other interesting sites

In 2005, a group of designers from 5 different countries gathered in Brussels to design a pretty important system.

This page is not about that system.

It's about us, and what we did besides designing very important systems.

Who we were

Where we went

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